We know that true beauty is made up of inner confidence and outer radiance, and LimeLife created our skin care with both in mind. I feel empowered representing this brand knowing that each product is:
- Made with expert-selected, naturally derived ingredients that perform
- Responsibly sourced and cruelty-free
- Free of harmful chemicals and unsafe ingredient
LimeLife products are formulated to work better together, which is why they strategically combined certain products to create skin care sets that help you experience their full benefits. The combination of naturally derived and effective ingredients in our cleansers, moisturizers, and masks create unique routines that first balance your skin and then maintain a radiant complexion.

I would love for you to see how effective this skin care is by trying one of these sample combinations. You can also click the button below if you prefer to purchase a full size product that can be easily returned within 30 days.

Here is what we recommend to help you start building a skin care routine that works best for you depending on your skin type and skin care goals!
If your skin feels tight all over, you likely have dry skin.
We recommend trying:
Quench Cleanser,
Skin Therapy Moisturizer,
& Skin Polish Face Mask
If you're shiny across your nose, forehead and cheeks, or are prone to blemishes you probably have oily skin.
We recommend trying:
Dream Clean Cleanser,
Cool Balm Moisturizer,
& Masque of Zen Face Mask
If you have ultra-dry or mature skin, or you feel your skin could use a youthful reset.
We recommend trying:
Midnight Oil Cleanser,
Midnight Oil Serum
Give your skin care routine a boost and uncover your most glowing self with our new green duo. Glowing Green Toner Pads and Green Smoothie Anti-aging Moisturizer are the perfect additions to any skin care routine and all skin types.
If your nose and forehead show some shine, but your cheeks don't, you likely have normal or combination skin.

We recommend trying either combination!
Experiment until you find the products that work best for you!
Your new, effective, natural skin routine is just a few clicks away!